Rapid Response Theatre

Any issue, any topic, any time.

Rapid Response Theatre is comprised of a facilitated discussion around any issue nominated, a scene devised on the spot by the audience and our professional acting team, followed by a Forum Theatre style replay and discussion of that scene, taking on audience suggestions, ideas and participation.

If you have an issue that you think is unique to your school or organisation, or it is a topic not covered by our other shows, Rapid Response Theatre will take it on, no matter what the complexity or size of the topic is.

Running time: 90 minutes including student interactive participation.

Standing Out Stuart Hayward Sammy James Matteo Scannella and Trudi Mann

Venue Requirements

  • indoors preferred
  • Acoustically sound


  • Upper primary and secondary


  • min. 20 students per show
  • max. 60 students per show


  • 60-90 minutes including discussions
  • the performers require no less than a 10-15 minute break between sessions
  • max. 3 workshops per day

Currently Rapid Response Theatre is only available to schools in our Local Government Partner Areas (see below). 

For more information, or to book, call 9272 0000 or email education@constablecare.com.au 

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