Youth Choices

Youth Choices is the Foundation's theatre-in-education program designed to empower secondary school students to deal with the social pressures affecting their day to day lives.

Youth Choices forum theatre transforms passive spectators into active participants

Through our powerful forum theatre interactive approach and intensive programs, young people are empowered to work together, support each other and practice responses to current, everyday issues such as peer pressure, social isolation, bullying, relationship violence, alcohol and substance abuse. The program is devised and evaluated with experts in education, youth safety and harm prevention and more recently, has been extended to incorporate interactive online crime prevention content for teenagers and at-risk youth.

Youth Choices uses a best practice approach with lessons supported with a complimentary teacher resource kit and curriculum links to reinforce the students’ learning and understanding of the issues and focus topic.

Youth Choices performances directly link to Health and Physical Education Curriculum for personal, social and community health. Curriculum links include, but are not limited to:

  • Skills to deal with challenging or unsafe situations, where risk is encouraged by others.
  • Strategies to make informed choices to promote health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Investigating reasons why young people choose to use or not use drugs.
  • Skills and strategies to promote respectful relationships.

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To learn more about Youth Choices or to make a booking please contact our Arts and Education Coordinator on 9272 0007 or email

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