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Free learning at home resources for primary students.

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Constable Care TV

Constable Care TV re-imagines our primary school incursions as a fun, interactive web series. If you are learning from home, your children don't have to miss out on the fantastic Constable Care experience!

Episode #3: First Aid Heroes

First aid/emergencies - Kindergarten-Year 3

First Aid Heroes is a delightful puppet show teaching primary school children how to identify a medical emergency and what they can do to help. Students will be introduced to DRSABC, learn how to call an ambulance and even the basics of road safety. Created in partnership with St John WA. Click here for the First Aid Heroes Teacher Resource Pack.

Episode #2: Screen Name

Cyber Safety - Years 4-6

When does online fun turn into real danger? When the cute boy you meet online turns out to be not who you expected and you’ve told him where you live. Using the world of online gaming as the backdrop for this timely reminder for students in Years 4 to 6 about making sure they stay safe on the internet. Click here for the Screen Name Teacher Resource Pack.

Episode #1: Fun Scary

Protective behaviours - Kindergarten - Year 3

Through puppetry and song, this performance teaches students the difference between scary things that are fun (like rollercoasters) and those scary secrets that we need to tell a trusted adult about. This performance is an ideal way to present the key concepts of protective behaviours to young students in an engaging and non-threatening way. Click here for the Fun Scary Teacher Resources.

Upcoming episodes include:

  • Getting to School - road, bike and pedestrian safety
  • Making the Right Call - emergency numbers
  • Frenemies - bullying and respectful friendships

Each episode is accompanied by a Teacher Resource Kit, complete with lesson plans and resources.


Constable Care Says

Bite sized safety lessons from Constable Care and his friends!

'Constable Care Says' videos use puppetry and song to teach your children important safety skills - one minute at a time.

Lessons include:

You can view Constable Care Says on Facebook (external link) or YouTube (external link).



Learn road safety using the power of augmented reality!

Arility is a safety education app that brings road safety lessons to life using augmented reality. All you need is an iPad and an internet connect and away you go!

Lessons include:

  • Pedestrian safety
  • Rail safety
  • Electrical safety 
  • Bus safety
  • Cycling safety

Arility is FREE in Australia and the UK! Click here to learn more. 


Teacher Resource Kits

Packed full of lesson plans and activities for a wide-range of topics.

Teacher Resource Kit3

Each Constable Care incursion comes with a FREE fully prepared kit, with lesson plans, activities and further resources. 

Lower primary topics include:

  • Protective behaviours
  • First Aid and emergencies
  • Emergency numbers and procedures
  • Road, bike and pedestrian safety.

Upper primary topics include:

  • Bullying and respectful friendships
  • Internet safety and online protective behaviours

Click here for lower primary Teacher Resource Kits. Click here for upper primary Teacher Resource Kits.

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