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WA students fight drugs with film

Five young filmmakers from Cyril Jackson Senior Campus have taken out the top prize in the Your SAY, Your Call film competition run by Western Australia Police and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.

Alexander Andrew Mhawira, Ben Randall, Mingho Tong, Jordan Hunt and Kelliane Jewel were awarded first place for their film ‘Dead Line’ at the Your SAY, Your Call Awards Ceremony hosted by WA Police Assistant Commissioner Craig Ward APM at Methodist Ladies’ College on Thursday.

Supported by the nib foundation, the competition challenged students across the state to research and create a short film which explored the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse on youth mental health.

‘Dead Line’ depicts a student who turns to drug abuse to deal with exam pressure and the consequences that ensue.

Year 12 student Mr Mhawira said the group hopes their short film will help other teenagers be aware of the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. “Young people still do not have a mature frontal lobe, hence if it’s altered by taking drugs, the consequences could be long term damage,” he said.

Mr Mhawira said his favourite part of the process was creating the props. “We used anything we could find including flour, salt, coke bottles, plastic bags. Anything we could to make the props look real.”

As winners, the students will have the chance to observe and assist a professional film crew adapt their story into an online virtual reality film for Your Call, the youth brand of Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.

“The Your SAY, Your Call competition is a great opportunity for young people to have their say on important issues that affect them.  We have been very impressed by the creativity of the entries this year,” said Constable Care Child Safety Foundation CEO David Gribble.

WA Police Acting Superintendent, Don Emmanuel-Smith, explains “It has been long known that young people are often reluctant to take on-board the advice delivered to them by adults, whether it is about the use of illegal drugs, road safety or any other community safety topic. Your SAY, Your Call harnesses their enthusiasm, innovation and creativity to empower them to become educators of other youth. Peer education has shown to be an effective tool when addressing these topical subjects”

Second prize was awarded to Ally Vocisano and third prize went to Eloise Atkinson, Martha Cohen and Lauren Lindsay, all from Cornerstone Christian College.

Ms Atkinson said their film, which explored drug-taking and cyberbullying, was designed to show drug abuse can stem from other issues in society, such as bullying.

“We wanted to raise awareness among teenagers to look out for friends and peers who may be displaying signs of not coping,” she said.



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