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'Pressure' finalist in 2018 SAE ATOM Awards

'Pressure', a choose-your-own-adventure short film which allows teenagers to explore consequences, has been nominated for 'Best Educational Game' and 'Best Educational/Training Video of Website' in the 2018 SAE ATOM Awards!

It is part of a suite of interactive films produced by Constable Care Child Safety Foundation's youth brand Your Call and the WA Screen Academy at Edith Cowan University. 

'Pressure' takes viewers on a journey where their choices will affect the outcome of the film. Can you make it through the party unscathed?

Its closing night and time to let loose and party with the cast and crew. Mum’s lending you the car for the night… and you’ve promised not to drink. You get to the party and what could go wrong, right? But there’s just so many people to catch up with and things going on that maybe sticking to the plan isn’t that easy.

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Can you handle the Pressure? Play below:

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