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'No offence!' New film to challenge cultural biases among Secondary School students

Australia prides itself on being home to a diverse, multicultural population.  A third of us were born overseas and more than one fifth speak a language other than English at home1.

This rich cultural diversity is reflected in the vibrant land we have become. While we mostly live in harmony, under the surface biases continue to linger.

A new Youth Choices incursion (formally Theatrical Response Group), linked to the WA curriculum, addresses the sensitive issues students of culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds encounter in day-to-day life.

Youth Choices incursions use the safe medium of drama to engage and explore challenging youth issues.

This unique incursion features a powerful short film exploring the complexity and prevalence of racism, racial profiling, bullying and macroaggressions. Entitled ‘No Offence’, the film presents challenging issues and situations faced by real young Australians.

Following the screening, students will engage in an in-depth and interactive discussion led by a Youth Choices facilitator and cast members.

They will explore key themes to create on-the-spot responses and construct alternative endings or new scenarios inspired by the issues.

Aimed at Secondary School students in Years 7 – 10, this exciting new incursion will encourage students to examine diverse perspectives, the impact of negative responses and behaviours on personal identities and develop their own empathy and appreciation of culturally diverse communities.

Sessions run for up to 90 minutes and are available to book now.

For more information on 'No Offence' click here. To book an incursion, click here. Alternatively, email or call (08) 9272 0000. 


  1. 2016 Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics

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