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4 ways to keep your children safe at community events

Did you know that CCCSF visits over 80 community events every year?

Perth's cultural scene is bigger and better than ever with many street festivals, information days, fetes, fairs happening nearly every weekend.  However, the busier these events are, the easier it is to lose your child in the crowd.  We recommend you follow our four easy steps before going to an event to ensure your family stays safe and together. 


1. Go over the action plan with your kids

Lay down some ground rules before heading out - stick together, never let mum and dad out of sight, never exit the event alone or with a stranger, find a police officer or visit the Constable Care Lost Child Point if they get lost. 

2. Take a photo of your child

On your phone, take a photo of each child individually so you have a picture of how they looked that day.  The photo can be provided to the Constable Care Lost Child Point, Security or Police to aid in locating your child should they go missing.  

3. Visit the CCCSF Lost Child Point

Our Lost Child Points are equipped with Child Identification Stickers that you can place on the inside of their clothing. This is a great time to ensure your child remembers what our marquee looks like and remind them to return to this point, should they get lost.  CCCSF uses best practice procedure to reunite children and parents.    

4. Teach your child about safety

Safety education is our priority and it's important parents consolidate the safety messages being taught at school.  Cover topics such as protective behaviours, stranger danger, road and pedestrian safety and how to contact emergency services if they require help.  

The next event we will be attending is the Kidsafe Bike Safety event.  Look out for our marquees to collect a child identification sticker.  We'll also have sunscreen on hand should you require it. 

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