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Is your child a budding TV star?

The Constable Care Safety School is very excited to announce that it will be live on the Today Show on Monday 7 August! Channel 9 will cross live at 7:17am, 8:15am and 8:34am. This means we need students!


✔️ Do you have primary school aged children in Maylands area?
✔️ Can they ride a bike?
✔️ Are you willing to brave the early-morning cold?
Then we would love to invite you visit our Safety School! 

Students will participate in road safety activities in between live-crosses. They will need to attend with a parent or guardian, and be in their school uniform. If you are interested in being one of the first to experience the new Constable Care Safety School then let us know! 

When: Monday 7 August at 6:45am. 
Where: The Constable Care Safety School, 48 Sixth Avenue, Maylands
What: Students will get to participate in Safety School activities, such as riding bikes and completing augmented reality challenges. They may also make it onto live TV! 

If you are interested in attending, please contact:
Natasha Smith
9272 0004

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