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How to fight bullying with theatre

Approximately one in four Australian students between years 4 and 9 experience regular bullying. On Mental Health Day - and on everyday - it is important to remember that the link between bullying and mental health is well established. According to Headspace experiencing bullying can increase the risk of developing depression and anxiety.  

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation believes that teaching children and young people skills such as empathy, resilience and pro-social skills can help reduce bullying in schoolyards. 

We do this using a technique called Forum Theatre. This interactive approach gets students collaborating with actors to devise solutions and help-seeking strategies to issues such as bullying, peer-pressure and mental health. 

"This interactive performance gets students thinking about about how their behaviour can affect other people,” says Constable Care Child Safety Foundation CEO David Gribble. "They will have a chance to get up on stage and play out their suggestions. This empowers them to make decisions about what kind of school, community and world they would like to live in."

Our performance workshops 'Frenemies', 'Screen Name' and 'Catch' for upper primary students and 'Isolation' for high school students use Forum Theatre to addressing bullying, cyberbullying, peer-pressure, empathy and resilience. 

Frenemies - Years 4-6

Topics: Bullying, empathy and respectful friendships. Click here to learn more.


Screen Name - Years 4-6

Topics: Cyber safety, online protective behaviours. Click here to learn more.

Catch - Years 4-6

Topics: Bullying, cultural understanding, empathy. Click here to learn more.


Isolation - Years 7-12

Topics: Bullying, Cyberbullying. Click here to learn more.

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