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Harmony Day - incursions to promote empathy and inclusion

Everyone belongs.

We must begin teaching the values of empathy, tolerance, respect and inclusion at a young age. Not only does Constable Care Child Safety Foundation teach children about personal safety - such as protective behaviours and safety on the roads. We also use theatre to get students thinking about how their behaviour can affect other people. 

CEO David Gribble explains that performances such as 'Frenemies' and 'Isolation' use Forum Theatre to get students thinking critically. 

“Instead of spectators the students become ‘spect-actors’. They will have a chance to get up on stage and play out their suggestions. This empowers them to make decisions about what kind of school, community and world they would like to live in,” said Mr Gribble.

Read further to see our free incursions for primary and secondary schools that cover empathy, tolerance, respect and inclusion.

'Catch' - Cultural understanding for Years 4-6

Aaron throws a ball at Nildra, a girl at school from a cultural background different to his.

He hits her in the back and this sparks an aggressive game of catch. As the ball moves, Aaron and Nildra begin to share their opinions, upbringings, conceptions and misconceptions and they realise they have far more in common than first thought.

Could they have been influenced by their parents own pre-conceptions? This intense drama encourages children to challenge the pre-conceptions that may be present in their own lives.

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'Frenemies' - Empathy and respectful friendships for Years 4-6

 Jasper is the new kid in school and is having a hard time fitting in - how can you help? With the overarching aim of bullying prevention, this show helps children develop pro-social skills and supports them in creating and promoting a culture of respect and consideration amongst their school community.

This interactive performance encourages year 4-6 students to think about how their behaviour can affect other people. It also helps them build confidence in social situations, making friends and developing resilience. 

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'Isolation' - empathy and respect for years 7 to 11

Mocked, physically assaulted, relentlessly pursued both at school and online, this powerful four-actor theatre workshop portrays real students' experiences of bullying, cyberbullying and their impacts on their mental health. This performance for Years 7 to 11 uses playbacks and student on-stage participation to revisit actions and their consequences in order to find better ways to address bullying behaviours and change the culture of bullying amongst students.

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