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From classroom to film set

In tackling one of the most important issues facing youth in Western Australia, Your Call has launched a new competition giving high school students the opportunity to showcase their film-making skills around the various mental health issues affecting young people.

Recent statistics confirm that one in five teenagers aged 15-17 have experienced a level of psychological distress that was likely to lead to a serious mental illness ,1 whilst a recent report  by the Australian Government revealed stigma and poor awareness of mental health issues also played a large factor for teenagers not seeking help. 2

To date, Your Call has produced three successful interactive films which tackle the issues of violence, alcohol abuse and crime amongst adolescents and young adults. The fourth film, will be the most anticipated as Year 10-12 students get involved in the creative process by submitting an innovative storyline around the topic of youth mental health and then vote for their favourite concept. 

Filmed from a first person perspective, interactive films allow viewers to decide the destiny of the main character, by offering a series of choices which ultimately lead to different fates. The format has been proven successful with similar crime prevention campaigns #emilywasted and Shirtfront going viral both locally and nationally.

The winning student or group from the Your Call competition will be awarded $1000 plus $2000 towards their schools Media, English or Drama program.  The students will also get the opportunity to work directly as an Executive Producer with the professionals at ECU WA Screen Academy.

Registrations are now open to submit their storyline ideas and for their chance to be Your Call’s next big interactive film. 

Register at to download information pack

Registrations close May 10th, 2016

Applications need to be submitted before 4pm, 6th June 2016.



1 Youth Survey Mental Health Report, 2015, Mission Australia.

2 The mental health of children and adolescents, Department of Health, Australian Government.

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