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Everything can change in a moment - Bstreetsmart 2019

"It wasn't that Andrew was drunk; but he'd had a drink or two. It wasn't that he was texting; but he was looking at a text. It wasn't that he was speeding much; just a bit over the limit. All these factors came together to result in this tragedy."

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More than 9500 students packed the RAC Arena for BStreetsmart, an annual event for high school students, hosted by RAC WA. The event simulates the aftermath of a deadly car crash in which one person is killed, one person is trapped inside and multiple are injured. Throughout the emotional demonstration, police, firefighters and paramedics work show stunned students the procedure they go through all too often.

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They pronounce on young person dead, work to rescue a trapped girl, comfort survivors and finally arrest the bewildered driver. A video then covers what happens away from the scene, including informing the dead man's parents. The once boisterous students are silent. You could hear a pin drop.

This hard hitting demonstration is bought to life by our Theatrical Response Group (TRG) performers, including Andrew Dawson, Courtney Turner, Nadia Collins and Louis Spencer. Our TRG team visit secondary schools and perform interactive workshops that cover important youth issues such as bullying, substance abuse and healthy relationships. These incursions use interactive 'Forum Theatre' to get students thinking critically about solutions and help-seeking strategies. TRG incursions are FREE for WA secondary schools. 

To learn more or to book at TRG incursion for your school call 9272 0000 or email 

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