Constable Care goes global with launch of award-winning safety education app in UK

Augmented reality app, Arility, expands into massive UK market reaching up to 7M UK students!

From little things, big things grow! From its humble beginnings as an augmented reality activity at our Constable Care Safety School in Maylands, our award-winning safety education app Arility has continued to grow. 

Last night it was announced that the UK Department for Transport and Road Safety GB will make Arility available to all primary students in the UK! The expansion to the UK was announced by UK Minister for Transport Michael Ellis on 18 July, 2019.

The innovative app uses the power of augmented reality (AR) – where virtual objects are layered over real-world settings – to bring road safety lessons to life in the classroom.

In partnership with peak UK safety body Road Safety GB, the overseas expansion has the potential to reach up to 7 million UK children. 

CCCSF CEO David Gribble said after 30 years of keeping West Australian children safe, launching onto the international stage was an exciting expansion for a small West Australian foundation.

“Through Arility, students across the UK now have the opportunity to roleplay high-risk scenarios in a safe way, giving them the best foundations for real-life travel safety,” said Mr Gribble. “Arility is designed to complement traditional road safety education, maximising its effectiveness through ‘gamified’ learning which keeps students’ attention and increases their knowledge.”

Already used in Australian primary schools on classroom iPads and Android tablets, Arility features six travel safety scenarios and provides an engaging, interactive learning experience.

With 360 degree visuals and entertaining sound effects, children interact directly with AR characters to identify high-risk road, bike and pedestrian travel situations and make safe choices, all from the safety of their classroom.

Since launching in Australia in July 2018, more than 11,000 children from ages 4 to 11 years have experienced the free, ground-breaking education app.

Developed in partnership with IT firm DSBS, Arility is now set to reach a much larger market following its expansion into primary school across the United Kingdom.

Road Safety GB Executive Director, Alan Kennedy, said Arility was an ideal tool for young children to experience various risky scenarios in a safe place, such as the classroom.

“Arility will be made available to every primary and junior school in the UK and therefore millions of children will have the opportunity to be involved in this new learning experience,” commented Mr Kennedy.

“Road Safety teams in local government offices across the UK will present Arility to children in their local schools, enhancing child road safety across the UK.”

Based on existing technology and framework, Arility’s UK content was customised to provide a local UK feel, incorporating local road rules, streetscapes and typical travel scenarios. The app is available in the UK on iPad and Android platforms.

“The UK is three times the size of the Australian market so it’s exciting to have Arility seen in the UK as first to market, but with a proven product model,” DSBS Managing Director Ian Sloan said.

Arility 6

With Augmented Reality projected to explode to a value of US $160+ billion by 20221, Arility is poised to take advantage of the burgeoning market to help drive expansion into other safety sectors and international markets.

WA Health and Western Power have already developed AR safety programs on the Arility platform and CCCSF is in negotiations with other safety content partners to broaden the app’s safety learnings.

Mr Gribble said Arility had potential global appeal and offered a unique opportunity for new content partners to come on board with a trusted provider of child safety education.

“Arility is a low-risk, cost effective world-first channel to deliver content to an audience with unlimited reach potential.”

Since its launch a year ago, Arility has notched up a string of accolades:

  • June 2019 – semi-finalist in the WA Innovator of the Year program;

  • March 2019 – Australian Road Safety Award for community programs;

  • October 2018 – awarded a 5-star rating for education purposes from the Education App Store.

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