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More than a national day is needed to stop bullying

Back in January 2018 I published an opinion piece on LinkedIn and in the print media that suggested parallels between Australia’s unregulated social media and the USA’s inability to curb...

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Cyber-bullying scourge won't stop until we regulate social media

The death of 14 year old Amy “Dolly” Everett in the NT and the attempted suicide of another 8-year old girl in Queensland this week brings home to us that...

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An ounce of prevention...

The recently released 2017 Federal Budget proposes an approach to drug abuse which has come under criticism for its potential negative impact upon disadvantaged Australians, especially youth living in poverty.

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The pros and cons of Pokemon Go

At the risk of being labelled the fun police, I’m going to say right up front that I think the new Pokemon Go augmented reality game probably comes with both big positives and big negatives. 

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Footpaths are safer than roads for WA cyclists

Nineteen cyclists died on WA roads in the last three years to 2015, with two adult cyclists killed in 2016 already.

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Aspirational regulations and occasional assessments are not enough to ensure children’s programs are safe

When parents trust their children to out of school or vacation care programs, or indeed any other children’s service, they trust that the provider has the competence and systems in...

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