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Busselton student wins state-wide film competition

Cornerstone Christian College student Lucy Marden has been named the winner of the popular Your SAY, Your Call student film competition run by WA Police Force and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.

The announcement was made by WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson at an awards ceremony at ECU’s WA Screen Academy on Tuesday 30 July 2019.

The competition invited high school students in years 7 to 12 to have their say on the issue of cyber safety through the creation of a three minute short film. Students were asked to explore the issues and the effects on youth mental health.

The winning entry “One Word Wrong” focussed on online predators after 12 year old Lucy researched the issue and was inspired to take a stand against it.

“Thanks to the internet, 50-year-old-men can pretend to be 12-year-old-girls. To me, adults manipulating young girls or boys is extremely sickening,” commented Lucy.

Second place went to Jessica Arnold from Atwell College and Aron Attiwell, a recent graduate from Kennedy Baptist College for their film 'Other End of the Line," which focussed on a modelling scam. 

“I hope that the film has educated both the teenage and parent audience on their responsibility's to avoid online scammers,” said Jessica Arnold.

“We wanted to demonstrate how easy it is for an everyday teenager to be lured in on social media by an online predator,” said Aron Attiwell. “I also wanted to create the idea that parents have a crucial role in protecting their children from scammers and they have the responsibility to educate their children about the threats online.”

His advice to other budding filmmakers: “Find a story you love, pick up a camera and share it to the world.”

Third place was awarded to Joshua Webb and Ethan Brown from Chisholm Catholic College for their film 'Look Up' addressing technology addiction.

"The main message that both I and Josh wanted to convey is that today there are a lot of negative side affects towards phone usage that can lead to harmful things such as cyber bullying and phone addiction. We wanted to directly contrast the life quality of someone who is and isn't addicted to their phone and what that can do to their real world relationships and connections," said Ethan Brown.

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation CEO, David Gribble, said youth peer education was an important tool in addressing topics such as cyber safety.

“This competition encourages young people to share their ideas and advice with other young people,” he said. “Lucy will play a role in helping keep young people safe in cyberspace by seeing her work turned into one of our online movies with a choose-your-own-ending format.”

As the winner, Lucy will now work alongside filmmakers at ECU’s WA Screen Academy to bring her film to life. It will be developed in to a ‘Your Call’ interactive online movie, which helps young people explore consequences by allowing them to determine the outcome of the story with their choices.”

The film will become part of Constable Care’s suite of award-winning Your Call movies which reach teenage audiences in Australia and overseas.

 Finalists of the 2019 Your SAY, Your Call student film competition

Other finalists include:

“Messy mistakes” Busselton Senior High School – Bella Montgomery, Petra Bone and Charlotte Howard

“Stop this” Cornerstone Christian College – Chloe Veeran, Jules Vocisano, Chanel Young

“Why me?” Cornerstone Christian College – Tessa Schifferlie, Katie Jarman, Jack Burge

“Warrior”  Cornerstone Christian College – Charlie Stratton, Eva Dragstra, Matiah Cleaver.

“Dear younger me” Cornerstone Christian College – Alesia Riches, Tamerin Pitt and Natalie Bolst.

“Ex-friend” Fremantle College – Yajat Sharma, Geoffrey Jiji, Issac Eau.

“Don’t say my name” – Cockburn Youth Centre – Leila Abdulrazzak, Cameron Kerr, Mia Edge and Gracie Smith.


Sponsored by WA Lions Drug Education Foundation, the competition was judged by a panel of communications professionals.

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