Emergency Services Family Day

We are celebrating 30 years of Constable Care! Visit us to ride bikes at the Safety School, explore emergency services displaying their vehicles and many more fun activities. This is a fundraising event and entry is by gold coin donation (per child attending) at the door.

Start date: Wednesday 30th January 2019 - 9:00 am

End date: Wednesday 30th January 2019 - 1:00 pm

Terms and Conditions

  1. All children attending the Safety School must be 4 years of age or older in order to participate. Younger children may attend in the company of a parent / guardian but may not participate in bicycle or pedestrian safety learning activities.
  2. When visiting the Constable Care Safety School, parents / adult guardians remain responsible for their children at all times.
  3. Families attending are to remain together on site and parents / guardians must supervise their children. A ratio of one parent / guardian to 5 children is recommended.
  4. Under no circumstances may children be left at the Safety School without a parent / guardian also being present at all times.
  5. Bags and belongings placed in the Constable Care Safety School foyer or elsewhere on the grounds are left at their owner’s risk. Constable Care Child Safety Foundation takes no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of items onsite.
  6. Constable Care Safety School takes all reasonable steps to provide visiting children and adults with a safe and enjoyable learning environment. However Constable Care Child Safety Foundation will not be liable to any person in respect of any loss of, or damage to their personal property, or the loss of life or personal injury to any person, whether that loss, damage or personal injury is caused by any person’s negligence or otherwise. This exclusion of liability does not apply to liability which cannot by law be contracted out of, for example, because of the Trade Practices Act.

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